How to Teach Your Cat Use the Toilet

The fact your cat must use the toilet is outstanding. And you must teach your beloved pet this process. Most pets use litter trays for this purpose but it’s amazing when your four-pawed friend can use a lavatory pan. Important details about this task can be found on our website. You don’t need to look for the information in other sources.

This goal is achievable. All you need is patience and time and, of course, the right tools. During the teaching process, you should learn your family pet’s behavior and gradually make him use the lavatory pan. The procedure of instructions includes the following: 

  • locate the special seat on the place with some cat filler on your toilet; 
  • when your animal companion is used to it, make a small hole in the center of the seat;
  • make it a little larger and larger until it opens to the lavatory pan. 

Following these stages, your pet will get accustomed to using the toilet.

From Litter Tray to the Toilet

In case you take a new animal companion to your home start from the next section – “Begin the training”.

There are two locations where your pet’s box can be disposed of, namely the toilet or bathroom. You may put a litter pan further, but remember that you’ll need to move the tray nearer step by step every day. If you decide to situate the litter tray in the cloakroom at once, try to make it higher every few days – two inches at a time is enough. 

Apply some other boxes, magazines, or even newspapers under the cat’s tray to gain this purpose. But make sure this box is solid. Do it according to the abilities of your tame animal.

Begin the Training

To begin “schooling” you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Install the special seat on your lavatory pan.
  • Fill it with removable litter.
  • Put away the old box from your animal companion.
  • Place this special seat on the toilet. It helps your family pet to get accustomed to it.

When your pet feels comfortable, you should remove the first ring in the training seat. A knife will help you to cut the groove. There’ll be different reactions from different cats: some accept this thing, the others have time to start using it. You must watch your beloved animal for several days. If it’s OK, go next. But if things go not so fast, you can apply the Training Insert to help your cat.

Once your bushy family member is accustomed to the removed first ring during a week, take away ring two.

 Keep on the Training

Please, go on with removing a ring once a week, till you see that the pet gets accustomed to the final ring. In case you notice that your beloved animal needs some help, place the Training Insert on the lavatory pan for assistance.

If you see that the fast transition doesn’t fit your beloved critter, remove only one part (1/4 – 1/2) of a ring at a time. This peculiarity is very useful for such a process of training as it is adaptable, not set. 

If the procedure is successful, remove all rings, and give your four-pawed friend a chance to get used to the toilet. Save the changes.


Congratulations! You are lucky in teaching your family pet to use the toilet. Encourage him by good treating and praising for using the lavatory pan.

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