We love pets!

We created this shop after years of trial and error with popular items on the market.

Our cats first clued us in on how many items sold in big pet shops are either not interesting or made of low quality. So we started experimenting with toy- and clothes-making from natural materials and researching other independent craftspeople who put love into each item.

This shop pulls together a variety of creators’ works and other quality every-day supplies, tested by animals . Each toy contains natural fur, feathers, or plant materials, made to last and captivate your pet’s insctincts. Our collars, clothes, and knitted sweaters are made by hand with individuality and comfort in mind. Having traveled with our cats to competitions, we know these clothes soothe their nerves. We have also experienced which carriers and bowls are more practical and are sharing them here!

You can always contact us for advice before making a purchase. We will be happy to help you with the selection: 1happypetsboutique@gmail.com