Cats’ Care

The careful owners of cats should know the main rules of pet-keeping. First of all, it is necessary to take care of the kitten’s hair. The cat’s fur coat should be combed every week to avoid clots. Use skin oils to make the combing process easier. This way all the dead hair will be removed in several fleas. It is recommended to wash cats regularly with the pet’s shampoo or other gels for domestic animals. Brush your pet’s teeth carefully to prevent dental disorders. Undertake this procedure several times a week. Some other tips may come in handy as well:

  • The litter box should always be clean.
  • Select for cat’s indoor keeping to protect your pet from pests and illnesses.

If combing, brushing teeth, and a bath are time-to-time procedures, there are daily hygiene routines for kittens. For example, it is important to wipe the corners of the cat’s eyes every morning. Use a soft fabric cloth for this purpose. Do not wipe the eyes and clean ears of your pet with a cotton rag because this material is harmful to the sensitive skin and mucin.

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