Stainless Steel pet Bowl S and M size.


This pet bowl having Anti-slip bottom Rubber stripe.
Thicken Stainless steel inner bowl to prevent rust. Easy to clean.
Imitation ceramic melamine, smooth and easy to clean, as well, it is much stronger then ceramic and better then plastic.
You will get to bowls, one from a Stainless steel and base bowl made from imitation ceramic, very high-quality material. You can use it together or separate it and you will have 2 bowls.
This stainless-steel bowl set with Non-Slip Base is durable and light weight, perfect for small-medium size pets. The bowl is dishwasher safe but not a base.
Opening at the bottom for convenient handling.

Size S: 5.5” Base diameter X 1.6/8” Tall X 4” Top diameter Capacity 1/4 Cups
Size M: 7” Base diameter X 2.3/8” Tall X 5.1/4” Top diameter Capacity 1.5 Cups

Stainless Steel pet Bowl S and M size.