Washable Cat Diaper Pull-up, Cat Stud Underwear, U:ME cats close


ATTENTION: No return, no Exchange or refund for this item.

If you are the breeder and you have a stud, your cat can piddle or spray in the house. This underwear also can help when your cat gets older and starts to have accidents. With our cat diapers, you will be fully protected and only enjoy having your cat with you in the house again. Made with the highest quality material, 100% cotton. Our cat diapers have a great pattern, we are the breeders, we have cats, and we know how to make a nice fit close to them. With our diapers, cats can go to do their litter duty for stool with no issues. The hole is big enough for the stool but small for the spraying. You can use small pads with it, cut a big one in half or use small pets. For each cat it can be different.
-The locker on the back is very helpful for putting this diaper on, you have more room for the cat when it’s open.
-The diapers were washable, reusable and leak proof. Elastic help diapers to stay on, and you can let your pet roam freely in the house without any accidents again! Protect your home.
– For a perfect fit use the chart to determine the size required, do this once you have properly measured your cat.
– Measure your cat while in a standing position by having your cat stand on their back paws. Use a measuring tape to measure around the waist as close as possible to the beginning of the hind legs.

Machine wash, worm water, gentle cycle. Wash similar colors together. Do not bleach, hang dry or dryer on gentle cycles.

Size chat:
XXS waist 25-26 cm – 9.85-10.25″
XS waist 27-28 cm – 10.6 11″
S waist 29-30 cm – 11.4-11.8″
M waist 31-32 cm – 12.2-12.6″
L waist 33-34 cm – 13.0-13.4″
XL waist 35-36 cm -13.8-14.2″
XXL waist 37-38 cm – 14.6-15.0″
XXXL waist 39-40 cm – 15.35-15.75″
4XL waist 41-42 cm – 16.15-16.55″
5XL waist 43-44 cm – 16.9-17.3″

Washable Cat Diaper Pull-up, Cat Stud Underwear, U:ME cats close