Cat Laser Toy Interactive Cat Toy Infrared Laser


This robot laser stick cat toy, lovely appearance, equipped with double feather funny cat sticks, and infrared laser light, one button to start, automatic standby, intelligent wake up, 360 degree irregular rotating, easily attract the attention of cats.

One Button To Start, Automatic Standby,Automatical Wake-up
Automatically standby after four minutes of operation, no need to manually shut down.
Intelligent voice control, automatic wake-up, the cat can activate the product by touching or running around.

360 Degree Irregular Rotation
Built-in smart chip program control, automatically rotates irregularly after startup, and the laser position cannot be guessed, thus attracting the attention of the cat.

Tumbler chassis design will not be overturned by cats.

Cat Laser Toy Interactive Cat Toy Infrared Laser