Cat toy replacement Birds with Feather 2 Pc, Interactive Cat toy


You will get 2 pc toys set.

High quality clasp makes it easy changing replacement fest and easy.

This wand toys replacement set is a perfect choice for cats chasing play. The feather teaser moving like a bird and activate a cat’s natural instinct to chase and pounce, jump, can make your pets exercise and keep healthier, in the meantime, it can enhance the relation you and your pet. Your cats will love it!

Natural feather teaser with safe Non-toxic dyes and glue, cat- friendly, feather teaser attachments included to keep cat’s fresh interests. The feathers refills with bells is a great way of “call for action” to cats and can catch their interest.

Along with satisfying your cat’s natural instincts, play is important to keeping your pet healthy and happy. Regular play helps your kitty stay active and maintain a healthy weight. Interactive play between you and your cat may also help prevent some behavioral problems that arise from boredom. Lastly, play is just a great way to bond with your cat :-).

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