Post-surgery pet suit Sterilization Jumpsuit


ATTENTION: No return, no Exchange or refund for this item.

This post-surgery suit is made from 100% soft and durable cotton meant for protecting wounds or stitches while your pet heals. The hug of the suit comforts your animal and keeps any shaved skin warm while securing gauze in place and preventing licking.
It is equipped with one hidden zipper along the back that stays put with movement. There are no irritating Velcro or clips that easily come undone.
It fits comfortably to the form of average-sized adult cats. The wide tail hole allows potty use without obstruction, while the loose paw holes give free range of motion.
This suit is a perfect combination of security and comfort.

To put on:
1. Lay the suit flat and stand your cat into the paw holes (or slip the paws through while the cat is laying if it cannot be lifted),
2. Pull the suit up and around the head,
3. Smooth their fur and pull down the zipper.

Note: Please measure the length of your pet’s back from the base of the tail to the start of the neck to ensure a perfect fit before ordering.

We have regular size and thin. Thin more suitable for Oriental shorthair, Cornish Rex breeds or if your kitty is have thin body.

5XL (back length 50cm – 19.7″)
XXXL (back length 45 cm – 17.70″)
ХХL (back length 43 см – 16.92″)
ХL (back length 41 см – 16.15″)
L (back length 39 см – 15.35″)
M (back length 37 см – 14.5″ )
S (back length 35 см – 13.8″)
ХS (back length 33 см – 13″)
ХХS (back length 31 см – 12.2″)
5 month (back length 29 см – 11.4″)
4 month (back length 27 см – 10.6″)
3 month (back length 25 см- 9.85″).

Post-surgery pet suit Sterilization Jumpsuit