Pajama for cat with long sleeves knotted cotton made in USA


ATTENTION: Return or Exchange only for new, not used item.

These sleeved pet pajamas are an adorable costume and comforting medical suit. The soft and stretchy material has large openings for unconstructed movement and a wide tail hole for bathroom use. It fits comfortably on average-sized adult cats and small dogs.

The suit has one hidden zipper along the back that stays zipped with movement and will not irritate the pet like velcro or strings. It is perfect for recovering animals who need protection on their shaved skin, wound, stitches, or applied medicine. It protects the treatment from the animal’s own licks and scratches as well as the environment. The hug of the fuzzy suit is also a great gift to your pet in cold weather.

To put on:
1. Slip your pet’s paws into the sleeves,
2. Pull the suit up and around the head,
3. Smooth their fur and pull down the zipper.

Note: Please measure the length of your pet’s back from the base of the tail to the start of the neck to ensure a perfect fit before ordering.

XXS (back length 31 cm – 12.2″) 2.5 kg
ХS (back length 33 см – 13″) – 3 kg
S (back length 35 см – 13.8″) – 3.5 kg
M (back length 37 см – 14.4″) – 4.5 kg
L (back length 39 см – 15.35″) – 5-5.5 kg
XL (back length 41 см – 16.15″) – 5.5-6 kg
XXL (back length 43 см – 16.92″) – 6-6.5 kg

Pajama for cat with long sleeves knotted cotton made in USA